Monday, January 26, 2009

Fresh Pasta

Saturday I made fresh pasta. In my mind there is really no comparison between fresh, home-made pasta and boxed pasta. The texture and flavor of what we can make at home far exceeds what would be possible to buy. The only thing I could think of as being remotely as good would be some type of specialty pasta that was in a vacuum container or something.

I have made fresh pasta a bunch in the past but not for many months. I always find that I loose my edge with making things like doughs when I haven't done it in a while. For instance, last year I was on a pizza kick and I would make fresh home-made pizza several nights a week. I included all types of healthy ingredients such as roasted chicken, red peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms and artichoke hearts to name a few. When I first started to make the pizzas it was very difficult for me to get the consistency of the dough right. Every type of dough has to have a certain elasticity to it as well as the correct moisture level. I was so annoyed with the first few times I made the pizza dough that I told myself I was going to make pizza dough every night until I got it right. After a few weeks I could make a pizza dough to perfection.

In terms of pasta dough, I lost my touch. The pasta came out great but took some tinkering. I used a recipe of two cups Double Zero pasta flour and three eggs. if any of you have made fresh pasta I would love to hear what recipes you've used and if they worked. Let me know.

I tend to get a bit worked up and sometimes flustered when things don't go my way or as planned in the kitchen. By the time I was finished tinkering with the dough, pressing the pasta and creating the home-made Italian sausage tomato sauce I was a bit amped up. To make a long story short, I had lost my appetite, which put me even more on edge. I had gone to all this work and when I finally sat down to eat I was not even hungry. I forced myself to eat some of it anyways haha. The meal proved to be a wonderful breakfast on Sunday morning!


Nicole said...

Pasta for breakfast is the best! I have never made my own pasta but I want too very soon.

bmccurdy said...

what works one day doesnt always work the next with doughs especially pasta. i have made some great ones and some ones that where terrible.
I started making my own yogurt because the grocery store i shop at stoped carrying greek yogurt, which is really thick and high in calories.

Soly said...

Pasta sounds soo good right about now especially homemade. I've never made homemade pasta, I think I might have to make some now. LOL

Nichole said...

Here's the fresh pasta recipe I use, it consistently turns out great. Just make sure that you don't add all the flour if you don't have to!

matthew.j.molnar said...

G-Dub, I love making pasta, I like to grind up the drag suit that you owe me, throw in a few eggs, maybe some flour, mix it up, and enjoy!!! Im looking forward to seeing you Saturday, Ill be there for the meet.


Miss B said...

What is your favorite meal to make?

I have never made pasta myself, but I helped my grandmother make it when I was younger.

I have the best mediterranean pasta dish that great; but it's even better the next day.

J said...

As far as pasta goes, sun-dried tomatoes with a dish are amazing. It is absolutely delicious! PS-- The pizza recipe is really good...and ideas for quick wrap sandwiches if your on the go.

Anonymous said...

So, today I swam with someone just like you in Miami Fl. The funny part is that he looked familiar, and I coincidentally happened to watch a few videos from the Olympics which made me make the connection... by the way, Pasta is the best!

Isabella said...

Oh I love so much fresh pasta!Well,I'm italian.When I go to visit my grandmother,I make a lot of pasta and sometime I make also lasagna.

Garrett said...

What's involved in making your own yogurt?

I am definitely going to try the other pasta recipes ya'll have given me!

My favorite meal? That is a really hard one. There is a place outside Austin called Smitty's and they have absolutely the best ribs EVER...I think that is one of my favorites...

bmccurdy said...

Its really simple, much easier then i thought it would be. and cheaper to.
I add some unflavored gelatin to mine when i heat up the milk to make the end product thicker. and if you want it really thick get some cheese cloth and a collander and your in business.

I had some this morning with fresh strawberries, granola and a squeeze of honey.

bmccurdy said...

Oops heres a link with a video.

Sjtientje said...

I made pasta a few times. I always try to make most of my food. It tasts so much better than canned or frozen food. Therefor we use vegetables that goes with the season (hmmm...doesn't sound the way I want but I hope you get it anyway ;))
Back to the pasta...mine stays always kind of sticky. And I've tried several recipes. Why don't you post your recipe for us to try?
I always think that preparing food is very comforting and relaxing.
Today for instance; I had to deal with parents whose child needs special educational care. The parents reacted extremely emotional. I know, it comes with the job. But days like these leave me with no energy and cooking/ baking brings it all back.
I'm babbeling you recipe and take care.

gr. Christina

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