Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Food Fact: Rabbit Anyone?

Rabbit anyone? Easter is right around the corner and my guess is that y'all are preparing to cook up some wild Well since this is the season for bunnies I though it would be appropriate to feature them on the Friday Food Fact. Let me first apologize if any of you are offended and/or grossed out about the thought of eating a rabbit. To lighten the spirits you should know rabbit has been regarded as a fertility symbol and has long been included in Easter menus. So for those of you looking to reproduce yourselves, definitely go out and get a rabbit for the Easter table;) Rabbit has been domesticated and included on the table in France for centuries.

If by chance you're not planning on cooking rabbit for Easter have no worries, I'll cook one in honor of you. You might recall that I attend a potluck here in Austin called Meaty Monday Madness. The host is my friend Zack who is the chef and owner of the wine bar and restaurant 'Mulberry' in Austin. The first Monday of each month Zack invites a bunch of his friends, which many happen to be local chefs, to his house for a grand eating festival. This month's featured item is, of course, rabbit. There will definitely be a future post on the Meaty Monday Madness extravaganza!

So is rabbit healthy for us? The answer is yes and no.

The Facts:

  • A great source of protein which helps our muscles grow and stay strong.
  • High in Iron which promotes red blood cell growth and health.
  • Packed with Vitamin B-6 and B-12 which helps in the building and stability of red blood cells as well as helps keep our immune system strong.
  • Good source of magnesium which helps keep our bones strong, regulate blood sugar and supports our immune system.
  • Be careful rabbit is high in cholesterol.
Much like most things we eat there are positives and negatives in it's nutritient content, rabbit is no exception. If you'll be cooking rabbit this Easter I hope it turns out great! If rabbit is not your cup of tea then I respect that too. Enjoy!


Laurie said...

When I was little we had rabbits hanging out in the backyard and at the end of the summer my Dad would kill them and turn them into something yummy. VERY yummy, but I'll always have the image in my head of the little furry creatures hanging upside down with they guts sticking out. (I usually got to keep a paw or two as a souvenir...)
But yeah they do taste great, slow cooked in some kind of white wine
Happy rabbit cooking!

Anonymous said...

Got to try some at the farmers' market at Republic Square Park! I had some reservations at first but remembered your blog post and decided to go for it. Really glad I did, tasted delicious.

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