Saturday, August 9, 2008

You'll Have to Settle for Ex-Pres

Garrett is on a multimedia blackout regarding the games so stories about a really cool day we had will have to wait.

Meanwhile, we saw George H.W. at the Bank of America "Friends and Families Center." He gave the team a nice plug and said Barbara was at home with the grandkids. What the heck, that was kind of fun.


Frank Oswald said...

Great stuff, Mark. Will Garrett be swimming tonite (our time) in the 4x100 freestyle relay? Any other races that you know? Frank Oswald

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's racing tonight.

Anonymous said...

I think it's around 10:30 central

Frank Oswald said...

Thanks for the info. The race was AMAZING. I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world.

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