Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A swimmer named Alex wrote me this. My response follows.

Original Note:
hello Garrett,
you dont know me im just a fan but i read your blog and being a young swimmer i am just now learning these lessons. but my regional meet is this weekend and after that state at your pool... i worked so hard over the span of this past summer and the school year to achieve my goals but then i got very sick with a 104 fever last week and missed most of taper.. now im rushing to get it all back. how can i look at this as a positve and hopefully succeed this weekend?

My Response:
Great question! First off, don't rush to try and get anything back. After we get sick it is important that we ease our way back into the water especially right before a big meet. It seems you have put in the hard work necessary to have some fast swims in your upcoming meet. Now is not the time for hard work. If you truly worked hard then your body is ready to it is up to your mind. You need to ease yourself back into the water and get the feel back for the water. Don't forget to do plenty of speed work before your meet because you probably got a bit sluggish and out of synch with your stroke while you were sick. You will be fine if you believe you can do it.

In terms of looking at it from the right angle: maybe you got sick at the perfect time to give you some extra rest you actually needed. Sometimes our bodies tell us things in interesting ways. If you got sick it was probably because your body was broken down and exhausted. Have confidence in the fact that you got more rest and recovery from being sick than you would have being in the water. In essence, this is your only choice.

My dad has always tells me three things that have always given me the confidence to perform and swim fast. Remember these three things and you will be much better off than your competitors.
1. Trust in your stroke
2. Trust in your coach
3. Swim your own race.

I hope this helps.


Jessica Cole-Crawford said...

Garrett is a genius. He really gives GREAT advice. I once swam my best 200 free time with a 101 fever. I literally had to be carried across the pool deck afterwards by my coach, so I would not necessarily recommend swimming while sick like that. The point is, like Garrett said, a large part of your swim is the training that has already been done and the rest is in your head. My point, don't psych yourself out. Just do the best you can do, and if it is not as good of a time as you were hoping, no big deal. There will be plenty more opportunities to swim and many more meets ahead.

Anonymous said...

Garret, thank you so much for keeping this blog. I today at 4:07pm sliced my finger open and had to get 4 stiches. My zones meet is in 2 and a half weeks and the doctor said I couldn't swim for 1-2 weeks. I also have been working harder this year than any before, this seems to make everyhing worse. I am so encouraged by what have posted! Do you believe in God? Because I am sure this is one of His miracles!

Thanks again,

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