Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

About to leave LA.
Our Jet once we landed in Italy
Just a peek at some of the snacks they had waiting for us
Chillin' before we took off
Cullen and Bob Bowman
Dara watching a movie
The incredible omelet Fred made for me! mmmm sooo good:)
The pilots doing their thing...they got us there safe


Kate W. said...

You guys DEFINATELY deserve it!!! Can I hide in ur suitcase next time? LOL

Anonymous said...

Well earned..congratulations to all of you.

Jen King

Robin said...

You're all healthy so they're probably not on your snack radar so much, but mmmmmf those salt & black pepper kettle chips are so good. I very rarely buy them but when I do, they're such a treat. ;)

I'm really pleased to hear the powers that be are taking such great care of you and the whole team! Good for you guys, good for the sport.

Isa said...

That looks really awesome!!!
You are all very lucky, but you also work very you deserve it.
Good luck in Rome!

Garrett said...

yeah none of us really ate any of the junk food although it did look really good haha

Lindsey said...

Yeah, if you go for the junk food you can't get better than the Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar chips. SO good!

BMcCurdy said...

I have my newest form of motovation, a cross atlantic private jet flight. That ought to keep me going in practice for the next few months.


J said...

Dude, your personal seat and space on a plane...that is worth practicing...thanks for keeping us along for the journey and proving that humility and dedication are still alive and well! Their is alot to be say for it!

NAME: Stephanie said...

Seriously, that is just amazing!! You all definitely deserved it though!! =)

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