Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tweet of the Week: Apolo Ohno

The Olympic movement is so unbelievably inspiring to me. Watching the athletes of the XXI Olympiad compete in Vancouver is such a treat. I'm literally addicted to it! My pride to be an American and watch our fellow Americans battle for the Stars and Stripes is out of this world. The Olympic movement's beauty is the purity in it's efforts and in the competitions it holds.

@_Katie_ brought the following tweet to my attention and I think it summarizes the Olympic movement's ideology and existence more perfectly than anything else I've seen.

@ApoloOhno tweeted, "Live this....everyday. http://tweetphoto.com/11534108"


Ashley said...

I had forgotten about this tweet. That was an amazing one. Awesome (and inspirational) words to live by even if you're not an Olympian. Nice choice!

Kait said...

It's a great tweet. I agree with Ashley; it's words that anyone can live by.

Thanks for the mention. :-)

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