Sunday, September 21, 2008

Abbaye de Citeaux

While at the restaurant Daniel I had the opportunity to taste the most unique cheese of my life. It's a cow's milk cheese that is called Abbaye de Citeaux. This splendid cow's milk creation is made my monks in a French monestary. The flavor is something that sounds weird and maybe even unappetizing: when I first put this soft, creamy cheese with a semi-hard rind in my mouth, I instantly thought of a Wisconsin dairy farm. It was splendid!

It's amazing to me how food can be so unique and how it always finds a way to make me so happy and content!


G said...

Cheese rocks my world. I love your descriptions. I love people that are just overflowing with passion for something, like you are about food. I think it would be an experience in and of itself just to watch you in a restaurant like Daniel and see you so excited and intrigued by everything. : )

Garrett said...

Yaaayyy cheese!!! I'm so happy you enjoy cheese as well... Daniel was absolutely fabulous and I was super excited the entire evening. Are you passionate about food and/or cooking?

G said...

I am passionate about food...EATING IT. I love fine food, but I love it more when experiencing it with people who can explain everything to me...I would need some cooking lessons to be able to do anything remarkable in the kitchen.

Miss Melanie said...

Did you ever see the "Yes, Dear" episode where one of the couples went out to eat at a fancy restaurant? The husband pointed to something on the cheese cart and the cheese sommelier, or whatever you call it, said "you are not ready for that cheese." He tried it, and made a face, and the man held out a napkin to let the husband spit it out.

I guess you had to see it... But it really was funny!

Garrett said...

haha I am passionate about EATING it too! Fine dining experiences are great because everything can be explained so vividly.

I have never seen "Yes, Dear" however, there are some cheeses that I have tried that were a bit too intense for me. This past spring I tried a Blue that was way too pungent!

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