Thursday, September 11, 2008

New York, New York

Today I traveled to New York City to visit my older sister Hillary. On the cab ride from the airport to the city I saw a man driving in chaotic traffic while flossing his teeth. At that very moment I thought to myself, "only in New York City would you see this!"

I went straight from the airport to my sister's office. She is a designer at JCREW. I met a bunch of her co-workers and everyone wanted to see my medals. I took them out, everyone was so excited. It was great to see their reactions. A few more people came, then a few people told a few more people. Before I knew it there were tons of people around and the CEO of the company was on the Intercom of the entire office telling everyone I was in the office with my gold medals.

As soon as this happened I was swept away upstairs where all the top executives and designers were meeting in a conference room. As soon as they saw me walking down the hall they all began cheering and clapping. Everyone was so excited for me and could not tell me enough how proud they were of Team USA.

The CEO, a very funny and straight to the point man named Mickey asked me when I seriously started swimming. I told him when I went to high school my parents told me I needed to decide what sport or activity I really wanted to do and focus on that. I explained to him that I really loved swimming and decided I was going to do it to the best of my abilities. He raised his arms and said, "WHHHHOOOAAA, do you hear that everybody??? Garrett just said you need to pick what you really love and do it the best that you can!!" He then explained to me that my philosophy was exactly what he had been telling the entire company at countless meetings over the past several months. He was so excited about it that he got on the intercom and told everyone that I just told him something amazing. He then prodded me into saying the quote over the intercom, I agreed and everyone thought it was really funny. It was all quite comical.

The day in New York and at JCREW was fantastic!!! I got the opportunity to meet many unique and influential people. Best of all I reunited with my sister:)


Miss Melanie said...

Hi Garrett,

I was in NYC yesterday for the day - didn't see you, but I saw Jessica Simpson outside the Ritz Carlton! She's the right age for you! *smirk*

So when public figures see each other, do you say "Hey! You're so and so!" or do you just kind of wink/nod at each other? ;=)

Sounds like a great day. So funny that your philosophy of success was what the CEO has been saying. Glad you could catch up with family.

Garrett said...

It was totally great to catch up with my sister. We had a wonderful time in the city together! In reference to your question about when public figures see each other, I really don't know what they do because I am not a public figure to that extent. Certainly if I got the chance to wink at Jessica Simpson I would!

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