Monday, October 5, 2009

Cyclone in NYC

Holy exhausted! The past days in New York have been wild. I've traveled the streets, worked 13 hour shifts at restaurant Daniel, gone out with the chefs after work, spent quality time with my sister, swam, lifted weights, and gorged myself in cuisine most can only dream of. I feel like I've been living in a cyclone of excitement, passion, and learning, and can't tell you how much I've loved being here.

Working at Daniel was nuts. I've never spent more time on my feet in my entire life...three 13 hour days in a row...on my feet literally the entire time working in the kitchen. I chopped, sliced, helped make sauces, reductions, paté, broke down wild hare, grouse, and duck... My tongue was aroused by veal head, foie gras, wild hare, Iberico ham, Sole, figs, chocolates, ice creams, sorbets, rare cheeses and much more...I will explain in greater detail in my next blog. I was surrounded by some of the greatest culinary minds in the world. I loved it. I loved every second of it. My heart felt a sense of honor and privilege that these highly acclaimed, expert chefs even let me get a glimpse of their kitchen and daily life. Essentially I was in heaven.

Now I am going out with my sister to DBGB...Daniel's newest restaurant in NYC. Check back soon for a more in-depth update!


Pepper Potts said...

Simply awesome!

Michaela Hogue said...

Three days...uninjured??? What ever you do....don't start any bad habits. I am the only person I know who can work in a restaurant and not smoke. I drink coffee but not as much as my family members do (that own our restaurant). You can prove to others out there that you can run a restaurant with a healthy lifestyle. Good Luck! I love reading your blog! It cheers me up.

Garrett said...

I wish uninjured. I cut my finger, got a blood blister, a "regular" blister, and standing for so long made both of my ankles swell up and the inside of my knees hurt. Oh well...I felt like a little bit of a warrior...everyone in the kitchen had wounds...OUCH

Michaela Hogue said...

At least you have all of your fingers! When I was five or six, I was behind the line of my grandfather's restaurant, following him and one of the cooks cut off his finger by mistake on a meat slicer. As far as your ankles being swollen, soak ace bandages in distilled water with epsom salt and wrap your ankles and feet with the bandages and leave them on overnight, your feet will feel better.

Shelley said...

Thoroughly impressive!! Swimming AND standing 13 hours AND weights.

A former swimmer, I was totally okay with barely being able to lift my arms to wash my hair or pick up my book bag (sometimes I kinda liked it, but that's how a good practice is), but despised the day after a tough legs day in the weight room.

What an exhilarating experience being completely enveloped in your passions! Happy cooking and happy swimming to you!

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