Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twitter Updates from NYC

In case you don't follow Garrett on Twitter. He's been working out in the morning and then heading for the kitchen at Daniel.

At left, a photo his sister snapped early this morning. Garrett dead to the world.

Tweet from Saturday morning: "Went to sleep at 5 (w/ swollen & aching ankles & knees), woke up at 9. Swam. Going to Daniel again for next 14hrs. Tough work but love it:)"

Tweet from Friday night: "Working in restaurant Daniel in NYC... Daniel and I just served Lance Armstrong his chicken dish!!! Crazy experience haha."

Garrett will come up for air and post soon!

--Garrett's dad, Mark


Idoia said...

Poor thing.... But I'm sure he's having a great (and hard) time, and he's learning a lot

J said...

This guy got more determination and spirit in both outlets of swimming and culinary arts! Rock on! I am imagine he will open a restaurant of his own one of these days!

Garrett said...

That was probably the hardest I've slept in a really long time...I needed it!

I don't know about a restaurant of my own...that lifestyle is extremely hard.

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