Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in the Thick of Training and Happy About it

Back in Austin and back into the thick of training. My first day back I went a double. Today we swam for three hours. All and all workouts are going great. After having gone to the Duel in the Pool and resting a bit for that I feel somewhat refreshed and reinvigorated to train. As I get older I realize more and more that breaks are necessary. During college I would get three weeks a year and that was it. Looking back at that I wonder how I forged ahead with such little time out of the pool??? As Kris Kubik puts it, "Professional athletes and especially as they get older are like rubber bands, you can pull and stretch them hard and for a good while but eventually you need to let them loose so they don't get too stretched out." I can't think of a better analogy.

A little practice breakdown... Yesterday I was really happy with the afternoon workout. The main set was a 12 minute swim then we had a few minute break and went an eight minute swim. The goal was to go as far as you could in those time limits. Kris said to me that for the 12 minutes I should be around 1100...I thought he meant that 1100 would be the max I should go. I swam and stopped at the 1100 at 10:59. This was a great time for me and there's no doubt in my mind if I had understood him right I could've gone 1200 in 12:00. On the eight minute swim I went a that point I was getting pretty tired. We swam around for a while and then did the same set kick. I went 925 yards on the 12 minute kick and 625 yards on the eight minute kick. Leaving the pool yesterday I felt a great sense of satisfaction. There's no substitute for good quality work that gives me the confidence in my training that helps me continue to move forward!


Unknown said...

Nice to read that you're back in the Pool.

The "taking a break" thing is so true. Not long ago, I've been looking back at my life as a teenager and all the things I've done. (I have no idea, where I took the time and energy from). Nowadays I take things "slower" but I also think, that when I work out, I focuse more on my work out itself and the goals I set myself.

Garrett, wishing you a wonderful, healthy and successful 2010. Keep kicking!!! Can't wait to see you swim!

And... keep up the blogging, it always puts a smile on my face.

Unknown said...

That's some good D-work for a sprinter. Way to go!

Garrett said...

Muus thanks for all the continued support. I hope you have a great New Year too! It really means a lot to me that you follow my blog:)

Jon it was some good D-work for a sprinter but our D-guys went much further than that...

Shelley said...

I usually hate best distance for time type sets, but I think I would totally change my mind if they were always followed by a similar kick set!

Glad you're in the "loving the hard work stage," it was always my favorite part of training, more than taper and more than drill days!

Sending even more happy swimming vibes your way. I've got some myself at the moment, and always love to share!

Garrett said...

Thanks a lot for sending me the good swimming vibes!

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