Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Cheer...Life Cheer?

Holiday Cheer. What exactly is Holiday Cheer? Recently I saw 'A Christmas Carol' on IMAX and 'A Christmas Carol' as a play. Many times since I was young (wait a minute...I still am young) I've seen this story but this time I took something else away. First off, I love the Holiday season because everyone is generally so much more happy and thankful at this time of year. My guess is that some y'all feel this too. Why is this just at the Holidays? Holiday Cheer...why not Life Cheer? The story of Scrooge made me think and wonder about this. Why not Life Cheer? What do you think?


Mark Gale said...

Brilliant idea. The trick is finding a way to do it.

Teresa said...

Hey, Garrett, this is another one of your "Ah, Grasshopper" posts.

Humans, sadly, have short memories (hence; why history has several repeating patterns, war, invasion, etc., etc.).

The root of holiday is in Old English. It meant both religious festival and day of recreation. AH! How interesting!

Perhaps each person needs to add to his/her life each day this mixture of religious festival and recreation.

But, in this day and age, "the holidays" have become very goal oriented: shop, decorate, wrap, bake, etc. People seem to thrive when they have met these goals.

And, too, holidays are a time that many people, even subconsciously, take a moment to review their lives & make vows to change this or that, do this or that better, etc.

The trick (and, it's not really a trick, it's rather quite easy, simply choose to make a conscious decision to do so) is to remember that each day is a gift, each day has cause for religious festivity (however one wants to define such for oneself), and need for recreation. The root meaning of holiday actually is an illustration or definition of balance.

On that note, back to cleaning the house and tomorrow, back to the pool (which has finally) reopened.

Your blog always brings a smile to me. Reading it is a bit of holiday in the midst of my ordinary days.

Garrett said...

Yeah I'm working on figuring out a way to do it...

Teresa, yet again another insightful comment. You always have some good input that makes me think. Thanks

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