Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Snow...Crazy Biker Dude

I arrived back safely to the US last night to a winter wonderland at my house. Snow is everywhere and I plan to go skiing tomorrow or Wednesday. The trip to Manchester was great. Once again an honor to represent the USA and travel to a new place. This week I'll be taking it easy and relaxing with my family. The plan is to get back into training soon...weight-room later today and maybe swim tomorrow. That's all I have for now but check out this video below...this guy is literally unreal!


Teresa said...

The dude on the bike is psycho! Amazing, but psycho. He took a few hard landings that made me wonder what all that he does is doing to a certain part of his anatomy. OUCH!

Welcome home. Enjoy the snow. Here on the east coast we are still shoveling. I am not impressed with the lack of plowing by the state and city. (I lived in New England and cannot believe how incompetent the plowing is below the Mason-Dixie line!) We need some swimmers running the show. Things would get done correctly!

Anyway, the hours of shoveling each day are helping me to stay in shape until the pool reopens. (Which will be whenever the parking lot is plowed. Fey!)

Thanks for the inspiration to keep swimming. I, too, find it relaxing and so many things that I cannot express in words. Your descriptions of what you try to achieve in practices (feeling, not grabbing water, etc.) help me to grow as a swimmer.

(And, after seeing that video, yes, I will stick with swimming and not attempt extreme bicycling.)

Garrett said...

Yeah this guy is pretty crazy. I love the music in the video! I went snowboarding twice while at home and threw some snowballs with some kids a couple times as well! Happy New Year

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