Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pre-Meet Thoughts

I'm starting to get quite excited about the meet this weekend. My body feels better than it has in a while. I got stretched this morning and am getting a massage tomorrow morning before the meet, at the South Congress Athletic club! As I've already told you it is very important to set good goals going into every meet. This helps us assess where we are in our training and/or taper and what changes we may need to make before hopefully realizing our dream. I still have a bit over three weeks before the big show in Indy and know my body will feel significantly different then that it does now.

Several people have asked my why I'm not going to the big meet in Santa Clara. There are a few reasons why.
1. It is a long way to travel for a short meet.
2. I'd rather stay here and compete at my favorite pool ie Texas.
3. The competition that may be foregone by going to Santa Clara makes no difference to me because in my eyes I'm only competing against myself (you can't worry about what anyone else is doing. We need to swim our own races).
4. I'd rather make my own meals and stay true to my diet than go eat out all the time in California.

So here are my thoughts for this weekend:
1. I want to swim my own races right aka don't get caught up in what anyone else is doing. There is no point in racing if you don't race how you know you need to. I have certain things I think about during my races and certain strategies I have been working on. First and foremost I need to perfect those in order to be my best in Indy.
2. 50 Free. I would like to go at least 22.2. This isn't blazing fast by any means but will set me up to go muuucchh faster in three weeks.
3. 200 Free. This is a much harder race for me to judge for a couple reasons. First, it is much harder to do a good 200 when I'm tired...more so than a 50 or 100. Second, I still haven't completely figured out the 200. Sometimes I have really great 200's and don't really know where they came from aka my strategy was simply better but I'm not quite sure what I did haha.
4. 100 Free. I would like to go at least 48.7. The most important part of this race will be swimming it how I want and need to.

I realize I haven't told you any of my strategies in this blog. You don't get to know. That's between me and my coach:P

I'll update y'all during the meet.


Romans 16:1 said...

thanx for the perspective and everything, g =]

J said...

I like your perspective regarding "competing against yourself." Its you and the clock, and forgetting the rest of the world, the pure adrenaline of speed is amazing! Something you said really helped recently, when I ran 5K for this time in about 6-7 years. It was amazing how much of a internal satisfaction you receive ...meeting your personal goals. Best of luck and rock on in those races!

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