Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick update:

I swam this morning. I feel decent in the water. My arms feel pretty choppy on the entry at the front of my stroke...this tells me I'm still tired (which is good for now in the season). They feel pretty good under the water on my pull. My legs feel ok too. I'm at a very good point for this part of the season. My body will be where I need it to be at the right time.

On a different note. I had a photographer over this afternoon to take pictures of some food I made for Austin Fit Magazine. I will be the feature story for the July issue. Look out for it, it will be good!

I have off until tomorrow afternoon! It was nice to get a little break from going to the pool and swimming, before I head into the meet this weekend at the UT pool. I'll post a blog in the next couple days talking about my thoughts about the meet and what I think I can go. This will be a good and final tune-up before the big World Championship Trials in Indy.


Kaitlin said...

Austin Fit Magazine! That's exciting! How cool! Congrats on the feature story!

Enjoy your little break!

Romans 16:1 said...

ugh! i feel just the opposite! my arms feel good above water, but weird underwater.

have a nice break!!!

shelly drori said...

love your tweets and posts, especially about the food you make and eat. i am feeding an athlete (15 yr old swimmer) and its always a challenge keeping him hydrated, fed and ready for his practices and meets.
btw - is Austin your hometown? the kiplinger mag just voted it in the top 10 cities to live and work.
love to hear your funny stories too!

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