Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorry for having been a bad blogger lately. I know the point of Blogging is to give your readers something they want to hear...something that could be useful to them in some way. Generally I think I provide something interesting, comical and/or informative. To be honest I haven't blogged much recently because I don't really have much to say. Here's the few pieces I do have u might find decent.

I was walking downtown Austin today and witnessed some sort of drug deal go down. I was probably about 150 yards away and as I walked I couldn't help but watch what was going on. I'm a very inquisitive person and want to know everything...even about what these men were doing...which looked to be a drug deal. At what looked to be the conclusion of the deal I saw one of the guys turn his head and look straight at me. He then yelled, "Hey," and started to run in my direction. I must say I was a bit nervous and immediately began to walk a bit faster. It was the middle of the day so I figured this guy wasn't going to fight me or something, but who knows. As he approached me and got even closer I turned towards him and to my relief he stopped at another man who was at that point about twenty feet behind me. Phew.

On another note I made a huge pot of beef stock recently...about two gallons. My nutritionist wants me to drink about eight ounces a day so I get some additional amino acids in my diet which will help my muscles stay strong and healthy. I had a funny picture of me and the beef bones but I can't seem to find the cord for my camera...likely story. I'm not the most organized person.

Swimming is going well. I'm excited for the meet this weekend. I'm confident I will swim pretty fast!


Donna Binkholder said...

That's perfectly fine! I'm very inquisitive but on the flip side I have avoidant disorder aka social phobia....We don't expect you 2 always be's cool don't sweat it...ha ha im never organized...and my room is proof of's disastrous..HOLY DIVER!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!! I'd be flippin my glasses and double takin to make sure i wasn't in some sorta dream when running thing it wasnt you that guy was after...If he was be like, Hey man, I can give ya my dessert cows in the yummy sounds devine!!!!

Ashley said...

Yay an update!
Hey at least you don't post like once a month.... like me ^o^;;;
Drug deals....those are always fun. I wonder though.. what would you do if he really intended to go up to you?

anyways! have fun drinking beef stock and swimming, yeah?


Fitness said...

Hey Garret - Check out for an amino acid complex Dara Torres takes. It is derived from beef muscle and is WADA certified. If you have any questions please email me at

Anonymous said...

I find the stuff you blog about interesting... as a swimmer, it's the stuff I think about and it's so cool to hear how the training of an Olympic athlete is going!
I have a meet this weekend as well! I'm trying to make my AA time in the 50 free. Good luck to you!

BMcCurdy said...

seems like a busy meet weekend, my team has one as well. goal time for the 50 is 25.26 for lcm.

Garrett you should take some beef bones and roast them in the oven with some olive oil and a little pinch of salt and eat the roasted marrow on toast.
that sir is one of the finest things you will ever eat.
its a very popular dish at St. John in London right above borrugh market.

J said...

Nahh, your blog is a welcome delight to our week! Sometimes you to step back and focus on the task at hand. Keep up the "speed boat kick", and working towards goals for Worlds! I love the South Congress district, the artsy area of Austin...its incredible and so laidback! A perfect place to chill and relax.

Garrett said...

I'm not really sure what I would have done if he tried to go for me?

Good luck in your 50! I hope you get your AA time...

South Congress is a very unique and special spot

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