Monday, November 9, 2009

Food Inc. "Do you know where your food comes from?"

How many times have we all said, "Oh I totally want to see that movie when it comes out" or "I can't wait to see that in theaters." This was true when I first saw the previews for the movie "Food Inc". As you can probably already thing lead to another, I traveled in Italy for a month and a half, was all over the US, and finally got back to Texas...without ever seeing Food Inc. Somehow this movie got brought up today in the weight-room and I was once again urged to watch. So I went and picked up a copy at the local video store. What I witnessed was truly amazing. Nothing was too graphic but rather painted a unique picture of the food we now call 'food' and where it comes from. If I had to take a bet...and I'm not a betting will probably be quite surprised where much of your food comes from too, much like I was. Go rent Food Inc. Seriously


Bella Luna said...

will do :)

Teresa said...

Hello Garrett,
Yes, learning the truth about our food sources is quite shocking. I am fortunate to live in central Virginia which fosters & supports buying local and knowing your food source. I, too, am trying to save $ so that I can build cold frames at my house (a in-the-city duplex) and grow my own greens year round. Since a young child (age 5) I have been a vegetarian because I couldn't tolerate the treatment of and killing of animals for human consumption. Anyway, one reason I have urged you to apprentice at the Inn at Little Washington is because the chef is VERY conscious of the source for the food he serves. Mostly it is local. I think that you would learn so much working for Chef Patrick O'Connell. See:

In addition, you would be within 1 hour of Washington, DC. The DC suburbs have some of the top swimming teams for youth. You could most likely get some training gigs while at the Inn. The parents in the DC area spend big $ for their childrens' coaching, etc.

Please, come to visit central Virginia (Charlottesville and environs) as it is very food source conscious. Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm is in central Virginia. He is the featured farmer in Michael Polan's book, "In Defense of Food." (Sorry, had to use "s as I cannot underline here. Please, forgive this error.)

See the Polyface Farm site for lots of info that you will find of interest:

Anyway, come visit central Virginia. I sense that you will find it the perfect place for your food, swimming, and life goals.

Oh, swim question for you: What fins do you use for practice and what drills do you use with fins? I just got a great pair of fins (I've always resisted using fins) and used them for the first time on Friday night on y own practice. WOW! I felt the muscles burning after 3 lengths!

Swim well. Eat well. Eat consciously.


Teresa said...

Hey Garrett, I just left you a detailed comment which disappeared when I tried the word verification. So, here I try again.

Yes, it is shocking to learn the truth about our food sources. One reason that I have urged you to apprentice/work at The Inn at Little Washington is because Chef Patrick O'Connell uses mostly locally grown food. You would learn soooooooo much working there. Web site:

You, too, would be within 1 hour of Washington, DC. The suburbs there are home to some of the best swim teams for youth. Many of our up & coming top swimmers are from Fairfax and Montgomery counties. You could tie in coaching gigs/clinics with working at the Inn.

I am blessed to live in central Virginia which is one of the best areas in the nation for buying locally grown food. That is the heart and soul of this area.

Polyface Farm is here. It is featured in Michael Polan's book _In Defense of Food_. You would learn soooooooo much being an apprentice at Polyface. Joel Salatin,farmer, could teach you everything you need to know about food. You'd have the experience of your life there. (Aside from THAT Olympic relay.) Here is the web site:

I am trying to save $ so that I can build cold frames at my in-the-city duplex house in Charlottesville and grow my own greens year round. There is so much that each person can do to create a better source of food for oneself, and in turn, help the planet.

Please, look into central Virginia as I truly believe that you would find that you can achieve all of your dreams re: food, work, swimming, etc. here.

Now, about swimming... what fins do you use for practice and what drills do you do with fins? I've always resisted using fins, but after reading the benefits of them I got a pair last week and used them for the first time on Friday night at my do-it-myself practice. On my third lap my legs started to burn! WOW! I couldn't believe the work out my legs got. Just what I need!

Keep raising your conscience re: food. Since age 5 I have been a vegetarian because I couldn't support condemning animals to the treatment they endure on farms nor can I justify killing them for human consumption, especially when so much of it is wasted. Disgusting.

Come visit central Virginia. I truly believe that you'd learn so much about food here.

Be well.

Thanks for the example you set. You are the true spirit of being an Olympian. You are more than your sport. If only more were like you.


Payam said...

read the book omnivore's dilemma by michael pollan. If you liked food inc, this book will be the best thing you've ever read.

Whitney said...

Netflixing it. I'm sure it will be quite interesting.

Garrett said...

You're lucky you live a place with so many options to buy food...I live in such a place too!

I've read In Defense of Food...kind of a tough read but informative.

I think any type of fins are good. I don't use full fins but ones that are cut down. Find some that fit you well and you like the feel of...It will help you build leg strength and go faster!!! I don't really do many drills with fins...maybe that's a good idea...thanks for the idea.

I need to definitely read Omnivore's dilemma.

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