Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gearing Up for the Big Meals

Q: "hey Garrett. I know you're probably busy and you probably can't post anything before tomorrow (Thanksgiving) but do you have any tips as to how we can prepare healthier meals and eat healthier this Thanksgiving and Christmas season? Thanks so much!"

A: So here's the deal. Some people get crazed about the Holiday season thinking about what they're going to eat. Some people just say, "screw it I'm going to eat whatever I want and I'll get back in shape for my New Year's resolution." From my experience in watching people work out after the holidays...they rarely get back in the gym and work off the pounds they put on.

Check out these tips:

First, remember the word 'moderation'! Sometimes I think our society has lost sight of it. One or two cookies, not ten.

Second, eat big ON the holidays, NOT every day in between them. Think about that, depending upon what you celebrate that gives you two or three days to let it rip.

Third (holidays or not) save your indulgences for the unbelievably good stuff. Don't pig out on junk food or at every average meal.

Finally, do what I do when you're sitting down for that festive Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas feast...go for it! It's only one meal.


kemana said...

Thanks so much!

Muus said...

True... but sooo hard... 8 Nights of Hanukkah with fried food... what to do... ;) I struggle every single year and every single year I fail (the temptation is just too big).... BUT.. this year.. I'll do better... (maybe) (I try to keep your blog in mind!)

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season... with healthy food. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Blog, these tips can help with my training!

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