Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meaty Monday Madness & TipsyTexan

Meaty Monday Madness surely was a Meaty Monday Madness. Several weeks back I met a guy named Zack who is an owner and chef of a restaurant here in Austin. As I do with most people, we got to talking and soon thereafter the conversation lead to food and cooking. Sometimes I wish there was a secret camera watching me so I could go back and watch how ridiculously excited I get by simply talking to people about food, among other things. Zack had some great stories about his days being a chef and I had a few of my own from stages I had done in New York and Italy (I felt like one of the gang...it was sweeeet). When I was about to leave he pulled out a card from his wallet and invited me to a dinner he has the first Monday of every month called Meaty Monday Madness. Essentially it is a huge meeting of chefs, and their friends, at Zack's house that involves different types of home-smoked meats and tons of chef prepared side dishes. He didn't need to ask me twice...I was going!
On the menu last night was a smoked rib-roast, ham, and turkey. There was fresh black eyed peas, corn pudding, mac & cheese, bread and cheeses, homemade cookies, butternut squash soup etc. Also at the party was a guy I know named David who owns a business here in Austin called TipsyTexan. He bartended the event with a classic holiday drink from the 1800's called a Tom & Jerry as well as other drinks one of which included hand squeezed grapefruit juice from a friend's farm in Louisiana. Zack and David definitely know what they're doing. I had an incredible time and got to meet a bunch of great new people, chefs included (I asked them many food questions haha). Wow was the food and drink tasty too...Yum


Ashley said...

K...pretty sure just looking at your blog makes me gain weight! hahaha.

Hey! I have that crock pot! Not the new, modern, cool looking one. The retro, brown insert one! haha.

Thanks for sharing what looks like an AWESOME evening! Hope you learned a lot to add to your repertoire!

Melissa G said...
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Melissa G said...

Even tho I'm not RT'ing I am glad you had a good time and got to meet lots of other foodies!! Let me know if you find some local who wants to go to supper @ Casa de Luz with me in early March ~ my treat! Are your folks coming down for the AGP? I could go eat w/ AthleticFoodie!

Tom Gale said...

HOT smoked meat...aaahh! Nirvana!

Garrett said...

It was a great evening and yes I did learn a lot. Crock pots are supposed to be great...I don't have one though.

Casa de Luz is great. Maybe we can arrange a big dinner there with people coming in for the meet in March.

The smoked meat was delicious.

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