Monday, January 25, 2010

Talent? Is There Such a Thing? Ducasse Doesn't Think So

Afraid of getting in the kitchen? Think you don't have any talent in the world of burners, ovens and sharp utensils? World renowned chef, Alain Ducasse says he doesn't really believe in talent. Looks like you're in luck...

Click the following link to read the insightful words of one of the world's greatest culinary minds. My guess is that you'll get some encouragement too!

"Alain Ducasse Doesn't Believe in Talent"


Melissa G said...

Great article, Garrett, thanks for posting :) Soy milk skin, huh? Sounds very interesting! Love his assertion that ANYONE can be a good chef if they cook with quality ingredients and learn the basic techniques.

btw, another suggestion for FFF ~ kombucha. Is it squash or tea, or both? Help!

Garrett said...

I'm not sure what soy milk skin is??? It is an interesting article though...nice to know we don't need talent to cook a good meal! I'll look up kombucha but I want to focus on more mainstream things that people can readily find and make. Thanks

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