Monday, January 18, 2010

Training in Clearwater

Training and spending time here in Florida with Randy Reese has been wonderful. I got off to a great start doing a lot of pulley-work in the water. Pulleys are when you swim against resistance with a rope attached to your waist. This is very difficult work and puts a lot of strain on your body. Seeing as how I was not used to doing so much training with pulleys I hurt my triceps after a few days. I got really excited and inspired by everything Randy was having us do and I probably went a bit overboard. The past week I've been kicking mostly and rehabbing my triceps. It frustrates me to no end having to deal with injuries. I was raised to be a worker by my family and by the coaches I've trained with. I am a worker. When I am unable to train to the utmost capacity I deem necessary, I become very dissatisfied. The past week has been a bit of a struggle but my triceps are getting much much better now. I'm confident this next week of training is going to be much more satisfying. Check back again during the week for more updates.


Show_Time said...

It was great having down here in Clearwater....thank you so very much.

The time you spent with our younger kids was priceless, and they had a blast.

I have some good pictures if you would like to see them

Muus said...

Hope you're feeling better very soon. :)

Garrett said...

Show_Time: Thanks! It is wonderful being down here with everyone. Training has been great and I will most definitely be a bit sad to leave. Matt and I really appreciate your hospitality.

Thanks Muus. I'm feeling great now:)

Muus said...

Happy that your triceps is good again. I try to get rid of a triceps tendinitis for over a week now and now.. to make things "better" it got to my shoulder too... so no swimming or working.. just sitting around, being bored... at least the dogs are happy that mommy's home.. lol..

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