Thursday, March 11, 2010

So Happy! Clearwater Tomorrow

A weekend of fast swimming followed by a week of hard training. Boom. Getting back into the swing of things fast. I am on a mission to get more fit. I want my core to become freakishly strong. The weight room is where I'll be. Iron is what I want. Power is what I want. Blazing swimming is what I expect. I'm so reinvigorated and excited for this summer season. Fast swimming is in store.

Geeezzz and I'm soooo happy too. Why am I happy? I can't put a finger on exactly why I'm so happy. One thing for sure was some fast swimming last weekend. Training is going well this week. My relationship with both of my coaches is strong (so important to me). I'm cooking my little butt off. Being in the kitchen always makes me feel good and relaxed. My food career is coming along nicely with a couple cooking gigs planned in the next month. My social life is what I want it to be! Yikes...all is great with the world:)

Tomorrow I'm traveling with my friend and training partner Matt Lowe to Clearwater, Florida to train with the big man, Randy Reese. I love going down and training with Randy. He's such a trip... First off he has the most dry and hilarious sense of humor of anyone I've ever been around. The man tells you exactly what he wants from you, exactly what he thinks of you, exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go... He's exactly my kind of BS! Matt and I will be there for a little over two weeks and expect to get our butts whooped everyday. I can't wait.

Check back tomorrow for the Friday Food Fact. I hope y'all are doing great. Do what you love...all the rest will work itself out:)


kelschlorine said...

It's great to hear positive things from an amazing swimmer! Keep up the hard work :)

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