Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tweet of the Week: Governor Perry's Appointment

Never did I think I'd post one of my own tweets as the "Tuesday Tweet of the Week". I like to think of myself as a very humble and down to earth guy who is not one to toot his own horn. Last night I was thinking about what to feature for today's tweet. As I searched through tweets I'd seen in the previous week I couldn't stop thinking about the one tweet I've received the most response from. So I did it. I went there. I decided I had to blog my own tweet. So here it is people. Don't judge me;)

"Hot off the wire...@GovernorPerry appoints @G_WeberGale to his council on physical fitness and sport! http://ow.ly/1pkSn"
As many of you know I'm super passionate about food, cooking, and nutrition. This passion has led me to found AthleticFoodie, which is a company dedicated to helping people live a better life through better nutrition. Recently Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has appointed me to his council of physical fitness and sport. I am super pumped about this. I can't wait to help make a difference and promote, exercise, nutrition, and overall health. It is a great honor to have been appointed to this position and I look forward to working very hard to help in any way I can!

Finally I think I'm actually starting to make a difference and get somewhere with all of this:)


Ashley said...

You've always been making a difference with the lifestyle you follow/promote/encourage others to follow. Now it's just on a larger scale!! :)

Congratulations again!

Sandra said...

You make a *BIG* difference to young swimmers in the Austin area. Our whole family read's your articles in Splash Magazine, read your blog, and use your website as a resource for nutritional information for athletes all the time. Congrats and keep up the good work!

browdrk said...

You are making a big difference, but I would suggest not hanging with Rick, he will drag your credibility down fast. He says anything that will get him press or make him money.

Sandra said...

Sorry to post twice, but I just tried your recipe for cottage cheese with fruit and nuts. I've put fresh blueberries in my cottage cheese for years for a quick energy snack, but never thought of also adding nuts. WOW! small change, big difference. I skipped the honey, however :)

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool. Wasn't [RunTex CEO] Paul Carrozza on Perry's council for physical fitness for awhile, too? Good company to be in, Garrett.

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