Monday, March 15, 2010

Training Our Lungs with Underwater Bikes

I'm basically holding up over 250lbs big deal baby!
Just cruisin'

Poppin' a wheelie. Holla!
Just another sweet trick in my arsenal...

Stretchin' out for max points


Unknown said...

wow... real cool pics

Melissa G said...

These are great, Garrett! The one of you "holding up" both bikes and Matt is my fav. Love the caption they wrote too: "9.5 for execution;
10 for degree of difficulty;
Olympic swimmers Garrett Weber-Gale and Matt Lowe participating in the newly formed Olympic sport which combines BMX, water ballet and swimming." If only we could see that in the Olympics!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like training at all... more like having a blast in Florida.

Kaitie said...

Awesome pics! It looks like so much fun!

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