Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Day to Vote for Photo of the Year

Garrett and Michael Phelps are featured as one of the NBC photos of the year. If you haven't already, log on, go to the vote section, find the skinny scroll bar on the right and find the photo of Garrett and Michael. Thanks.

Versions of that photo have already been featured in "Best of 2008" sections of the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, ABC TV San Francisco and many others.


KZA said...

I've voted for that picture on all my computers at home! I hope to see it as the winner tomorrow :)

I've also seen that picture in the Chicago Tribune! It was pretty large and couldn't be missed. haha

The 4x100 relay during the Olympics was truly phenomenal!

Lauren Ashley said...

I've voted!! :) Here's hoping!

Garrett said...

Wow thanks for all the support!!! Send it to others who might be interested if you could:)

Miss Melanie said...

I voted at work and at home. Saw it on the NYT homepage - pretty neat.

What time is the winner announced? Or maybe it already has been...

Oh, who won? I can't get streaming video at work! I'm guessing if MP/GWG won, we'd have it posted here!

Miss B said...

You have my support, I voted for it on all the computer I could and I sent it out to everyone I know..

i hope it's chosen!

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