Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Training Schedule

I'm often asked what my training schedule is...well here you go.

Monday: Swim; 6:30-8:00am, 3-5pm. Weights; 1:30-3pm
Tuesday: Dry-land; 1:45-3:00pm. Swim; 3-5pm
Wednesday: Swim; 6:30-8:00am, 3-5pm. Weights; 1:30-3pm
Thursday: Dry-land; 1:45-3:00pm. Swim; 3-5pm
Friday: Swim; 6:30-8:00am, 3-5pm. Weights; 1:30-3:00pm
Saturday: Swim; 9:00-11:00am

My weight workouts consist of many different exercises that includes but is not limited to; biceps, triceps, lat pull, bench, squat, leg extension, calf raises, rows, and core work...

Dry-land varies depending upon what part of the season we're in. Some of the exercises we do may include; pull-ups, push-ups, dips, running the stadium, medicine ball work, box jumps, and of course more core work...

In addition to what I do in the pool and in the weight room I do extra work at home. I generally do about 300 extra push-ups at home as well as modified dips using my coffee table... I am always trying to get stronger and like pushing myself to be better. My goal is to be able to do 100 push-ups in a row. Right now I can do in the 60's. Most of my sets are between 30 and 50 push-ups at a time. I know getting stronger is what I need to do in order to get faster...Needless to say, I will get stronger!


Lauren Ashley said... You're... what's the word I'm looking for?

Oh yeah...CRAZY.

lol... j/k. That's a pretty intense schedule, though. Wish I could say actors never have to deal with a schedule like that... but I can't... lol.

Respect points for keeping up with it! :D My friend also just gave you a thumbs up... I don't know how many points that's worth, I haven't worked out the conversion chart yet... should probably get on that... lol.

crystal said...

thanks for posting your training schedule. i've seriously always wondered what a typical 'training' day was like for you. and now i know! it's crazy bananas how much time/effort goes into it. i wish i had your workout dedication, maybe then i wouldn't feel so sluggy. lol

Anonymous said...

So what do you do for fun inbetween? What are some of yor favorites like bands, movies, or sports?

Garrett said...

Yes it is definitely a lot of work...

You don't need this much dedication to working out to become more fit...simply try and do something a few days a week and you will see a difference.

I love to cook as you already know. I also like to do things outside...Austin is a really great place to be outside...tons of parks and things so I try to do that a lot!

Donna Binkholder said...

Wow!! Pretty intense stuff I might add. I have been lifting a lot for what I do and I see the improvements.

I went snowboarding the other day and nearly busted my

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