Thursday, December 11, 2008

T-Shirt Are Moving and Thanks for Your Ideas

Thanks to everyone who ordered a T-shirt on day one. If you haven't had a chance, be sure to check out G-commerce. And thanks for the new ideas on merchandise--apron, beach towel... what else?


LUCY said...


You know I couldn't wait... placed the order while in LA on a business trip. Now waiting for Garrett's DVD on Freestyle!

Mark said...

Lucy: Good deal. Travel safely. I think a promo on the DVD goes out tomorrow. I have to admit I learned a few things while reviewing the rough cuts. I guess the kid knows a thing or two about swimming.

Lauren Ashley said...

Mark - go figure, huh?

:) He certainly is beginning to make a name for himself... that I'm glad for... he deserves to be noticed!! :D

Donna Binkholder said...

I am placing an order as well.

Mark: You have a great son and he learned from the best!

I agree Lauren

Anonymous said...

Can we get these in XXL for former college swimmers who've been out of college and drinking beer (i.e., Budweiser, not Milwaukee's Beast) for the past 20 years? Thanks!

Mark said...

Hey Ellen: We don't have any XXLs, but we do have some autographed XLs. Maybe one would be a good incentive to get back into shape!

crystal said...

i love the shirts and plan on buying as soon as i'm no longer.... experiencing the financial meltown :) but i have a question. Garrett, how many times a day do you train/workout ? more specifically, how many times do you get in the pool?

LUCY said...


I received the T-shirts today...Thanks for shipping them out so quickly..

T-Shirts are very nice...can't wait to see my brother's Swim Coach wearing one...belated birthday gift!

Mark said...

Lucy: Glad you like the shirts. People have been very happy with them. We're looking at doing an apron with a pocket.

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