Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Should Have Been Swimmers

Garrett and Michael were not selected as the NBC photo of the year. The admittedly cool image above was. Oh well, I'm biased (as a dad should be), but I still like swimmers best. Thanks to the thousands who voted!


Soly said...

Totally agree swimmers are the best!

Isa said...

Too bad the photo didn't won...:(

Happy new year!!!

Lauren Ashley said...

At least they lost to a cool photo like that, and not some lame photo... yeah? :)

We know in our hearts what our favorite pic of the year was! :D

Kait said...

The pic of Garrett and Michael was definitely the best! Although I thought the one of President-elect Obama was up there too...but I guess I'm biased about that. haha!

Too bad the pic of Garrett and Michael didn't win. But the pic that one is pretty fascinating.

Happy New Year!!

C-Bone said...

Robbed! It was rigged, I tell ya, rigged!

Nature is cool (I guess) but triumph is always better.

cristina said...

is kind of sad, cause i live really close to chaiten (where the winner pic was taken) and the city now is destroyed. (my house has a view of the sea, and i could see the smoke)

Anonymous said...

I stared at the winning picture and moved my laptop closer to my eyes hoping to see better. I kept wondering what the picture was about. Then I read the caption. Still looked weird. What's more important in life? The forces of nature or human efforts??

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