Saturday, May 23, 2009

College Station Update

I'm currently in College Station, Texas at a swim meet. I swam the 100 free yesterday. I got second and went 50.4. I was pretty happy with the time. The important thing to do at these meets leading up to World Championship Trials and the World Championships is to hone my skills and fine tune everything. Yesterday in the 100 I was really focused on keeping my head in line with my spine and making sure my body was in perfect position. This will allow me to move more smoothly through the water and travel with less resistance. I'm also working on my breathing. I have been breathing a little bit late in my stroke and I'm trying to make it more fluid.

Every time I race I make sure there are a few things I really focus on. The more I fine tune my skills the more confident I get. It is really important going into the big meets that my confidence is riding super high.


Ty said...

Good Luck GWG!

BMcCurdy said...

How come you didnt go to the Ultra swim in charolette? was it so you could stay closer to home and continue on the same training schedule. Good luck in the coming months and beat those frenchies again.

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