Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jolted Back to Reality

I just watched a short story on TV about a former NBA player, Rodney Rogers, who was instantly paralyzed after suffering a devastating fall from his ATV. These types of stories really hit me hard. I was in such a trance while watching the clips of this one-time NBA star who went from dunking a basketball, running up and down the court, living an active life to suddenly being completely unable to use any of his extremities. I could feel myself sink down into my chair at the dining room table. My breathing slowed down and my eyes felt heavy. It was like I was almost watching someone I knew..

I think the reason I felt like this is because this story jolted me back to reality. I thought to myself, "screw being tired, who cares if I'm not happy with everything Eddie gives me for practice... So what if I wish this had been different or that had been different...I am living an incredible life..." I know I do this, and maybe some of you do it as well sometimes. I think we all probably worry a little too much about things and make topics in our lives seem a little bit more serious than they may actually be. As I continued to glare at the TV I thought back to practice on Tuesday when I was really unhappy. Why was I unhappy? I was with great coaches, in a wonderful facility, surrounded by my friends, working to prepare myself to be successful in something I have chosen to make my current life's dream. What the *&^% was I unhappy about?

Some of you might remember this but back in the beginning of April a Navy SEAL named Derek came to Austin to visit. I went to dinner with him one night and he said something to me that has really stuck with me. He said, "Since I've been a SEAL I've realized that unless there are bullets flying at me everything is probably alright." Maybe this is a bit of an extreme example seeing how most of us have never had bullets fly at us, but I think this really makes a good point.

My goal is to try and take a step back when I'm stressed and realize how wonderful my life is. Instead of griping about a hard workout, be thankful that I'm able to do it. Be happy that I have someone who cares enough about me to make his living at coaching me to become successful and to fulfill my dreams. Realize that everything along the way may not be exactly how I want it. Be accepting and confident in the fact that I will make the best of it and that it will become something great in due time.

Now I'm going to go to Whole Foods and search for a really healthy and tasty treat that has been patiently waiting for me to find it!


Adin said...

Very well said

eduard said...

Great post! Thanks Garrett.

Mikayla Cooke said...

Always helps to take a step back and remember the "big picture" sometimes! We do have a good life full of wonderful friends, family and love! Thanks for keeping it on our minds!

shelly drori said...

and according to your tweets, you found some Hon Shimeji mushrooms which i hope you enjoyed!. thanks for your inspirational words and for sharing your thoughts and struggles. i read your article in the splash mag today too, which was a great read for my son too. keep on writing, tweeting, blogging, and of course swimming!

Garrett said...

The Han Shimeji Mushrooms at Whole Foods were awesome...I'm definitely going to plan something to make with them!

Nicole said...

I do that all the time... Only usually I am stressing out about how to become as successful as you and other Olympians.
I love Whole Foods!

J said...

I liked the message about concentrating on the good things in life. I one of those Type A personalities, and find excerise to be a great release. This weekend, I ran a 5K and kept thinking about my grandmother during the race. She has always been a inspiration. So, long story short...good friends/family/mentors are such blessing.
PS- Good luck at World Championships!

LUCY said...

Garrett, I truly believe that staying motivated is key to feeling happy and fulfilled in life. As the saying goes: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

BTW, shared your “Splash” Magazine article with the swim team yesterday at practice…time for them to get motivated as well. LOL!

I also want to compliment you for being a positive role model to young swimmers.

So continue to stay Focused and SWIM FAST!!!

J said...

Second time to re-read post, but the last two sentences...the 2nd to last paragraph. Almost like the a new twist on the old say "if you got lemons, make one heck of awesome lemonade ..and enjoy it! Or this case, get in that pool and swim with passion!

anni Ü said...

Thanks for that- I have been in almost the same emotional rug and I think this will help me overcome that. You're right- even though we work craaaazy hard, and sometimes wonder why we don't quit, stop all the madness, we really are blessed with a wonderful opportunity. I will try to remember that when I am having a major mental low, and I think it will help me appreciate what great things I have:)

Oh by the way the article in the splash magazine was very helpful!

anni Ü said...

Meant to say rut not rug LOL this dumb phone spell checker!

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