Friday, May 15, 2009

Prosciutto de Parma!

This morning I went to 'Central Market.' This is a higher end grocery store that carries a huge variety of fresh products and specialty items. I ran into a guy there who owns and makes his own Prosciutto in Parma, Italy. He gave me the hat I'm wearing above and I bought some of his product! If you're wondering that is some Prosciutto hanging out of my big deal:)

I came home and made an incredible sandwich with a whole wheat rustic bread, fresh basil, turkey, the Prosciutto I bought from the guy, and some Italian soft-ripened cheese from the Stracchino family. Daaaannnnnggggg was it gooooood!


Donna Binkholder said...

Garrett!!!!! You are making me really really HUNGRY!!!!!! That sounds sooo good and I bet it was good...Hahahahaha!!! I love the picture very're very silly....hahaha!!!

J said...

I love the fishing story,and the prosciutto! We had one night with bread, fruit, and good!

PS, the fishing story was great!If you got any lefties/righties in the mix my friends, you got be careful for casting the pole! I can't tell you how many times, at my family's cabin, I am given my own area to cast my fishing pole in the river!

Isa said...

Funny picture!! :D
Prosciutto or "presunto" like we call it here in Portugal it's really great and very famous here...everywhere you go you can always find it.
Try it with melon.

Garrett said...

I've had it with melon...incredible mix of sweet and savory!

Romans 16:1 said...

yum yum! garrett, you should make a recipe book of your fave recipes!

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