Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adventure of Unknown but with Some Guidelines

Sometimes everyone just needs a break. We all get to that point where we can go no more...and if we do it's likely we won't be productive nor successful. After World Champs this year I was finished. My mind and body wanted nothing to do with swimming nor even anyone associated with it (I realize that may sound harsh but I always tell it like it is).

So off I went, on an adventure of the unknown. There were a few things I did know however...a few things I would make sure to do and stay true to.
1. Fun. I had had enough of seriousness, enough of focusing, I was determined to kick back and try not to care about anything serious for a while. Enjoyment and relaxation were a must!
2. Learn about food and cooking in every way possible and figure out ways in which my new-found knowledge can help me improve my diet and preparation of healthy food.
3. Engross myself in the Italian lifestyle and culture. Essentially try to live like an Italian...
4. Maintain a decent level of fitness and not gain ANY weight.

With great satisfaction and assertion I can say that all of these have been accomplished. I feel much better about things than I did after World Champs. Weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm really happy here...I even feel at home:) My brain power in the kitchen has grown exponentially and my excitement to get back in the kitchen at home and work on some new things has reached new levels. Living like an Italian has been a true wonder and delight. I've made a lot of great friends here, have several Italian families who say they've adopted me and several Italian mothers who call me their Italian Momma haha. Fitness, Pshhh that was easy. I do push-ups and dips throughout the day. When the feeling strikes me I go for a moderately long run, and even get in the water to swim a few times a week. I am eating a lot but it's less frequent than when I am training. My weight is exactly the same, and if I do say so physique still looks pretty darn good;)


Muus said...

I could not agree more to your posting.... taking some time off... doing something completely different can work wonders. :) Enjoy Italy and well done with keeping your weight... ;)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome man. I'm so glad to hear that :)

J said...

Yeah, I hear where you coming from....if your Type A and very seriously focused on any task at hand.... sometimes you got step out of see other things exist in life....friends, fun, and just living. I like the Shakespeare quote from As You Like It"
And one man in his time plays many parts." I think its very true because whether it be a swimmming or becoming a chef....its finding happiness in that life. Thanks for sharing your journey...have you ever considered adding a journalist aspect to your life? You got some talent and a very witty writer....oh well just my two sense!

Garrett said...

I have considered many times being a writer. I love writing and enjoy getting better at it. I have no doubts I will publish things in the future!

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