Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off to Sicily

In a few hours I will be on a train to Sicily. My friend Giusseppi who works at the winery is from Sicily. His parents have a house right on the water with a boat out front. I cannot wait to get there. Everyone says it is beautiful. What's more is that Giusseppi was the Sicilian fishing champion four years in a row and we will be fishing all the time. He tells me we will also be fishing for squid in the night...(I have no idea what to expect from that???) When we're not fishing we will be water skiing, wakeboarding, eating and who knows what else. Two girls--just family friends--are coming down with us and his sister and her friends are meeting us there. This weekend is going to be amazing! I'll report on this when I return:) Ciao


Marie said...

Garrett! Come va? I love reading your updates, it makes me want to go back to Italy so bad! Can't wait to have you over when you get back so you can cook for us ;) I was speaking Italian to myself this morning just thinking about you being over there, maybe one day I'll get Alan over there to see it all, absolutely amazing place! I studied abroad in Perugia which is in Umbria so I can picture exactly what you're experiencing every day, well maybe not exactly but close. Let us know when you get back to Austin, I'd love to hear more about your adventures in Italy! Ciao.


Anonymous said...

Girls ! Now it's a party

shelly_drori said...

you are looking so happy over there. enjoy the fishing! love your blogs, as usual. looking forward to hearing about the adventures. hope the train ride was something you enjoyed too.
Shelly Drori

Misreader said...

I'm Italian and I'm reading your blog paying a lot of attention, it's impressive how much love for what you're doing comes out from these pages. I'm very glad you enjoy my country. ^^

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