Saturday, August 8, 2009

Castello Delle Regine

On the afternoon of August 7th I arrived at Castello Delle Regine. This place is about 1,000 acres where they grow their own grapes (make wine) and olives (make olive oil) and raise their own Chianina beef. There are also farmhouses where guests can stay and a restaurant where guests can eat, where private parties are held and locals can come dine. The people here are unbelievably nice and have made me feel like I am part of their family, literally. I will be staying here for the next few weeks learning about food, cooking, wine, olive oil and everything and anything I can soak up.
Some of the grape vines...they are everywhere.
Casale of the farmhouses where guests can stay. All of them are very beautiful. If you want, you can buy fresh ingredients on the property and cook your own meals in each farmhouse.

The storage facility for the wine.
Last night there was a birthday party which included the best Sommeliers in all of Italy. The man crouching down in the white shirt in the front is the most famous Sommelier in all of Italy, Alessandro Scorsowe. In this picture we are at a wine tasting...It's not everyday you get to drink some of the best wine around with some of the most knowledgeable and famous wine experts in the world! I was basically laughing and smiling the entire time because what I'm doing here is so much fun and exciting...and because sometimes I can't get over the stuff I get myself into haha...
Here is a view of the party which took place by one of the three pools outside the restaurant.


Kait W. said... looks AMAZING! Hope ur having a great time and learning all there is to know :) Stay safe and enjoy your time spent living in Italy!

shelly drori said...

enjoy every moment! we are enjoying all your tweets and your pics! thanks so much for sharing, you are a true inspiration.
shelly drori

J said...

Bellissimo! Italian landscapes look amazing for the pictures...a couple of weeks to learn about wine and olive oil...have you taken a walk through the vineyards? I am imagine the smell of the grapes would be dedicate Enjoy Enjoy!

Garrett said...

Thanks...I am enjoying every minute!

I haven't taken a walk through the vineyards yet but that will be sometime soon...I can basically do whatever here and they are happy...they say, "If you're happy we're happy." How much better could it get...not much for sure!

J said...

Dude, take a walk through the vineyards...please...I only ever been the vineyards in Hill Country...which are exquisite! But Italy and the food...pure dedicance!

Jerri said...

Hi Garrett,
I googled Castello Delle Regine to get info and found your blog. Great pictures. Looks like a great place to spend time.

We are a swim family from Milwaukee and were very proud to have a hometown swimmer do so well at the Olympics!! Congratulations!!

If you are still at Castello Delle Regina in a few days look around for a tall American couple. My nephew and his wife will be there and would love to share travel/foodie stories with you.

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