Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garrett's cooking adventure begins in Italy

"I was cutting tomatoes into little cubes until my back was just aching," Garrett told his sister on the phone last night.

He's spending a couple weeks in the kitchen at a Castello delle Regine in Umbria. Friends from the Bartollota Restaurant Group here in Milwaukee made the connection. Garrett's task? Learn as much as he can about cooking, restaurants, Italian food, the production of olive oil and wine. It's a rare and privileged opportunity.

Wireless is proving to be a little bit of a challenge out in the Italian countryside, but he hopes to start posting his own updates soon. Meanwhile, Twitter seems to work on and off, so you might try to follow him there:

Just a few minutes ago, I got another update by phone:

"They had me make an incredible herb sauce this morning--basil, marjoram, lots of other things, mixed with olive oil and put through a grinder. The chef said, 'Go, get you notebook. Write down these recipes.' "

More updates soon--Mark, Garrett's dad.


Anonymous said...

Re:Twitter post's
Taste everything before service.
"if you didn't taste it, you didn't care enough."
"If you wouldn't eat it yourself, don't serve it."

J said...

Food and swimming are two very different accolades. But one in the same that the preparation of a recipe takes equal amounts of ingredients and technique to achieve the perfect combo of taste and quality. Perhaps, you give us a take on healthy cusine from Italy for the foodies!

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