Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a Night

(tasting the brilliant chocolate sauce I made...from my face you can guess how it tasted:)

(making tiny little Gorgonzola cheesecakes)
Ahhh I can barely contain myself right now! My legs are moving a 1,000 miles a minute underneath the table and I feel like I could throw this desk through the wall I'm so amped up. Tonight was so amazing. The kitchen was crazy. Everything is turned up to an extremely intense level...orders come in...I run around doing random tasks...the heat is turned up from the stoves, ovens, pasta boilers and from the excitement level too. Time flies, worries or outside life thoughts are completely out the window. I am completely and utterly engrossed in the task at hand which might be preparing zucchini flowers for a risotto, plating pasta with black truffles, grabbing things from one of the seven frigos (refrigerators), working the grill or even doing some dish drying when necessary haha.(carefully pounding out rack of lamb that was cooked with Parmesan, egg, milk and bread crumbs...oh and we also had pasta with wild rabbit and roasted veggies for lunch haha)
My general thinking about being a chef/owner of a restaurant was that it probably isn't for me. Not because I am afraid of the amount of work (I have zero apprehensions about workload...I'm used to it and have no problems sacrificing and putting in absurd effort) but because essentially if you are in the restaurant business you make your money when all of your family and friends are out enjoying themselves and having fun. However, this experience has somewhat altered my thinking and made me realize some things.
(I was in charge of making dinner for the staff...beef tenderloin with sage and Prosciutto! They loved it...Molot Bouno)
1. I definitely want to (and will) spend a ton more time in kitchens whether it is in Italy, France, Singapore, New York, Milwaukee, Austin or LA.
2. I have a ton more to learn about food and cooking.
3. The satisfaction that I get from making something delicious for others is unbelievable.
4. I've honestly never felt as fulfilled after a long day of work as I do after I finish in the kitchen...and yes it is very tiring.
(Pom Brioche dough)
I just had to give y'all a quick little update about the exciting world I'm living in. Oh...and one more they began harvesting the white grapes at Castello Delle Regine. Early tomorrow morning I will be going out and learning about the grapes and harvesting process. I'm sure I will be given some scissors and a sack too! Snip:)


Kait W. said...

All these pics are makin me hungry! It all looks so good! Glad you're having fun and learning all there is to know! You can come to Chicago and cook for me ANYTIME! Haha Have fun harvesting grapes tomorrow, should be an interesting experience. Oh and please NO RUNNING WITH SCISSORS! hahaha

Isa said...

Everything looks really good.
Do you know if they do sweet wine too?
Good luck in the kitchen.

Michaela Hogue said...

My family owns a restaurant that has been in business for nearly 70 years. The only way my family was able to survive was through a travel agency my grandfather opened in the 60's. You don't make much money owning a restaurant but if you love will learn to adjust. You could always invest in a wouldn't have to work the 80 hour weeks, you would just put money into it and allow someone else to run it.

Gina said...

Nice to hear that you're enjoying your time in the kitchen!! I posted on one of your earlier where you were questioning where you were in life/swimming/etc. Good for you for taking advantage of a great opportunity!! Continued enjoyment in the kitchen!!

Chef said...

Careful you don't hurt your back mincing parsley,you have a lunch and dinner shift to finish and it's only Wedneday. This week-end is near, are you prepped and ready for a slamming Friday and Saturday ?

J said...

At least consider getting a show with the Food Network, it would be well worth it! Now, I and not much in the kitchen....I am usually happy to enjoy the meal and clean duty rather than cooking! My family will not even send me to the store for main ingredients!

samantha said...

The beef with sage and prosciutto is called saltimbocca, right? i love Italia!

shelly drori said...

one of the things i love about your blogging is the lists that you make for yourself, stating your pros and cons.I am trying to get my son (a swimmer) to get into this habit too.
you mentioned that running a place would mean working when your family and friends are all out etc., but i think if you do have a restaurant sometime in the future, you will surround yourself there with your family and friends, working with you.having your partner work with you and maybe raising a family in that cooking environment seems so idyllic. Of course you would need an Olympic size pool in the back yard....
great blog. thanks for sharing this very important part of your life with us - your adoring fans!!
Shelly Drori

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Garrett...nice to know u have a hobby outside of swimming..I would love to hear u have a restaurant someday...WOW..I will be a loyal customer!! GO GARRETT!!

K.C. said...

The picture of you with the chocolate sauce is just priceless. You look so happy in the what's been the hardest thing you've had to learn so far?

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