Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From Pools to Pans--Great Article

Garrett is on a train heading back from Chicago after a quick visit with friends. So until he updates, here's a link to a really great feature article about him in this morning's Milwaukee JournalSentinel.

Today he'll be in the kitchen at Milwaukee's Lake Park Bistro for lunch, off to practice with the college team at UWM and then in the kitchen at Bacchus for the dinner service. So much cooking to little time. Long day. Thanks so much to Adam Siegel and John Wise from the Bartolotta Restaurant Group.

Garrett's dad--Mark

PS. This just in, pre-service lunch with the kitchen staff at Lake Park Bistro.


Anonymous said...

Mark -

I'd love to do a feature on GWG as soon as possible. Let me know how to get in contact with him when it's convenient! Thanks! Jen Lada FOX 6 Sports

Anonymous said...

Please call me at the station or email me. (414)586-2185

Jackie Davies said...


I am one of the employees in the picture at Lake Park with Garrett. I am actually the only girl in the picture. It was fun having him in the kitchen. I hope he had a nice time and learned some things. My 16 year old sister is a swimmer, currently a synchronized swimmer for the Dolphinettes, and she was so excited and a little jealous. Tell Garrett I say hi.

Jackie - Dessert Lady

Mark Gale said...

Jackie: Garrett got home from his restaurant duties late last night, so I haven't talked to him yet. I know he had a great time, though. His only regret is not have an opporutnity to spend more time learning from you guys.

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