Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shooting Begins for Wisconsin Foodie

Today was filled with preparation and brainstorming. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be filming 13 segments of the AthleticFoodie minute which will air on the regional show "Wisconsin Foodie". My segments will have great tips on how to shop for the right foods, how to live a healthy lifestyle, easy recipe ideas, cooking demos etc. If you don't live near by stay'll be able to check it out online!

Here are the two episodes I was featured on last season...
"Feature: Garrett Weber-Gale"
"Recipe: NY Bison Strip Steak"


Muus said...

Oh how cool is that. :) Good luck and looking forward to get some tips :)

J said...

Nice...did you get to wear the chef hat? That is the key essential!

Ashley said...

I must admit...watching your cooking clips make me laugh. The faces you make just crack me up. But the passion you have for making great tasting creations inspires me to get in the kitchen. :) Can't wait to see the clips online since I'm in Michigan!

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