Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Wrap

Taping of the "AthleticFoodie" segments for Wisconsin Foodie TV is officially finished. It took a total of about four days to capture 13 segments which range from one minute to a minute and a half. I'm sure it sounds crazy to you how much time it took to shoot such short me I was surprised too. Throughout this experience I learned the following:

1. In production expect things to take much longer than you originally planned.
2. You can always do one more take.
3. Don't rush nor put a time limit on want it to look good!
4. Working as an spokesman is much harder than I thought.

I'm really excited and satisfied with the work we did and can't wait to see everything after the edits are all done! Look for my segments on the TV show Wisconsin Foodie, which will air on CBS 58, Sunday mornings at 10:30am starting October 11.


Lauren said...

Garrett - I tried one of your recipes tonight (Salmon with tomatoes and red onions) and it was sooo good! I'm looking forward to more healthy recipes! Also, I have a swimming blog that talks about fitness and my path to (hopefully) making a competitive swim team. I hope you can check it out!

LisieMern said...

Makes me wish I lived in Wisconsin... well, maybe not.

BYW, I made your green and gold tomato soup this weekend when friends came over to watch football. YUMMY! Especially when served with gravenstein apples and cheddar cheese from a nearby farm. Oh, and a local microbrew to top it off. Keep up the great work.

Garrett said...

Lauren...I checked out your blog. Good work. Keep it up. I'm glad you liked the recipe!

You will be able to see the TV episodes on my website.

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