Friday, September 25, 2009

"Morning Blend" TV Cooking Demo

Who: Me
What: Live cooking demo on "The Morning Blend"
Where: Milwaukee
When: 09/25/09
Today I officially did my first LIVE cooking demo for a morning show that plays in Wisconsin. I was really excited for the opportunity to cook something in 'real' time! I've done several cooking demonstrations which were taped and edited but nothing thus far that was live. Yesterday I prepared the dish a couple times to work on the timing and make sure I knew exactly what I was doing. I'd be making a classic Italian dish of garden tomato and herb sauce. Some of you might be thinking, "wow that sounds a bit simple and/or boring to do on TV." However, I picked this recipe precisely because of its simplicity. Many times I've seen people cook something on a short demo that was way too complicated for the viewing public to make. Plus, the freshness of the recipe is incredibly tasty. The demo went great and I had a ton of fun. Doing live TV was a lot easier too...just go with the flow and have fun:) Hopefully there will be more of these to come...

Check out my cooking demo here!!!


Ashley said...


Great demo!! I'm thinking I'm gonna have to splurge and make this sauce for some of my friends, it looks AMAZING!! (I'll give you the credit, of course ;])

One thing though, my dear. SLEEP!! You look exhausted!!

Can't wait for your next update, sorry I couldn't be of ANY help on the knife post.

J said...

Morning Blend...this was a great sauce...yummy! PS- Do you use the whole wheat or egg noodles for this recipe? Do you have any good tips for sandwiches on the good, I have seen your Sammy recipe looks fabulous. In the working world, its constant battle to find a quick dish that tastes good and is healthy! The sodium content on frozen food is ridiculous. Would you ever consider a blog regarding healthy food on the go! PS- I loved the tweet about the cracked me up!

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