Saturday, November 22, 2008

Freestyle Technique and More

Garrett is grabbing a flight right after practice, so I'll post a quick update. He's going to make his 88-year-old grandma really happy later today when he and his sister show up at her place for dinner.

Swimmers have been emailing him through with specific swimming technique questions. He's been compiling those and plans to put together a post to summarize a number of them. So watch for that.
Cheers, Mark


Miss Melanie said...

Great picture, and what a happy surprise for Grandma. Happy Thanksgiving to your family from Miss Melanie in NJ.

Mark said...

Have a great holiday. I LOVE Thanksgiving.

crystal said...

thanks for the update mark :) and i'm looking forward to the techniques.

i hope Garrett has a good time, and that he's able to rest.

Anonymous said...

Thnaks for the update Mark. Happy Travels and Happy Holidays. Stay warm and safe guys.
Twitter: Devious_Midget

Mona said...

hey mark, i found garret's blog via goldmedalmel. i swam (uva '01) and currently swim on nyac with a few of garrett's olympic teammates. i've kept a restaurant journal/blog in new york for the past three years and i think it'd be fun to interview garrett for my Site. not many people know about his talents in the kitchen and it'd be fun to share that side of him with my readers. let me know what you think. and happy early thanksgiving!

Mark said...

Mona, sounds great. What's your blog? I will tweet about it on Twitter. The easiest thing is to shoot Garrett a note at,

His sister made us roasted brussel sprouts for dinner--a little olive oil, garlic, pepper, dash of low-sodium sea salt. As Garrett would say, "Dang! They were good."

Mona said...

thanks mark, that meal sounds amazing. i love me some brussel sprouts. my blog is called "mona's apple" and you can find it at take care!

C-Bone said...

How precious is this?!

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