Monday, November 17, 2008

Plenty of Heat in the Kitchen

Almost two years ago, I bought the book HEAT by Bill Buford for Garrett. Much of the story is centered around Buford becoming a kitchen slave at Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo in New York. I have tried to get reservations on several occasions. Garrett finally got them last night. He'll tell the story later. It was lots of fun.--Posted by Garrett's dad


Noeline Bennett said...

Hi, Garrett's dad: I wrote on Garrett's facebook wall yesterday about me coincidentally trying to book a table at Babbo for 3 weeks from now. All tables were booked until 10pm! We'll try again next year. We're settling for a lunch reservation at Per Se. I told Garrett the other day that he comes across as a great person (wonderful personality). Parents generally have some influence on their kid's general attitude so you've done a great job!

Mark said...

Hey Noeline: They say the best way to do it is last minute. We got our reservation the day before. So, you might try it when you get to NY. Although, I have heard Per Se is an experience to be had.

Lauren Ashley said...

That's a REALLY good book! Did he ever finish reading it? Can't wait to read the story. :)

Hi, Garrett's dad! (Mr. Gale? Mr. Webber-Gale? XD)

I saw this today and thought I'd share it with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the good eats and the award. Got a bit distracted by playing my Sims game so just now catching up. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent watching the "clone wars" and hanging out with friends. Any movies you are looking forward to seeing or how about the new season of top chef? Me: Bond and transporter 3 love action movies.

Mark said...

Lauren Ashley and All: It's Mark Gale. But please, Mark. Yes, Heat is a very good story. You learn a lot about cooking by reading it.

We're going to see Bond over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Garrett will be back posting by tomorrow. Cheers all.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for taking your time to share and answer us.

Miss Melanie said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting the note for us. I ate at Babbo a few years ago, having the pasta tasting menu. It's quite a place. I read the GG post, and Garrett really takes after his mom! Great to see what you both look like. It's been fun hearing about his travels and food adventures. Congratulations on having such a great son, and we are all proud of him.

Lauren Ashley said...

alright, Mark it is. :)

Bond is amazing - I loved that movie. :)

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