Monday, November 3, 2008 is reborn!

As of this morning is a brand new website. Over the past month my Dad, Mom, our web guy, Chris, and I have been working to make the updated version. Not only does the site have a totally new face, there is more expansive content as well as never before seen pictures. Check out the new and improved!!!


Lauren Ashley said...

Alright, awesome!! The site looks great - and the recipes... I didn't know you cooked!

The recipe for salmon and sweet red onions looks fantastic - I'm totally making that this Friday! haha!

Good work on the site!

crystal said...

love the new site. all the new pictures are great.... and i'm def. gonna be trying out your recipes. the salmon w/sweet red onions looks delicious ! also, how are you feeling about getting back into training mode tomorrow ?

<3 crystal

Ellen said...

New site looks great! Love the photos. Hook 'em!

Garrett said...

I'm so happy you like the website! Definitely try the salmon and sweet red onions, it is awesome...

Training is going great...I'm loving getting back in shape

Lot's of new pics:)

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