Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just got back to Coach Nelson's house after spending the entire day at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show. I was super excited the whole day. Imagine one of those guys you see walking around with a huge smile on his face--that was me. I thought I was in heaven.

The fun really started Friday when coach Nelson picked me up at the airport and we drove by the marinas. My eyes directly locked onto the Nordhavn 62. Literally the first boat I saw at the boat show was the 62. It must be a sign.

This morning, I started off by going directly to the Nordhavns. I toured all three: the 55, 62 and 76. After that I toured and talked to the makers of other long-range trawlers such as Krogen, Selene and Grand Banks. I really talked to everyone as if I were a prospective buyer. Truthfully I think I am. Without a doubt I will buy a boat in time. I guess now you know one of my long-range goals.

The most expensive boat I went on was a 152 foot Tri-deck made by Northern Marine. Talk about beautiful. This thing was gorgeous. It should be with a sale price of $30 million. I will have more details on the boat show along with a bunch of pictures after I get home to Texas.

Meanwhile staying with coach Nelson is great. He has tons of great stories about back in the day when he won gold and then made a huge impact on the sport as a coach.


Crystal said...

boat shows are always fun. there's so much to do/see. the 62 is a beautiful boat... and since you have your heart set on it, you'll own your very own soon enough :)

Lauren Ashley said...

Dude... I'm getting excited just reading about you being excited!!

And... WOW... $30 million dollars?? Holy...crap... that's an expensive boat!!! And it's always good to have a long term goal, something to look forward to. :P

I'm glad you're having fun! Lookin' forward to those pictures!! And don't worry, you'll get your boat eventually! And we'll be here to congratulate you when you do! *thumbs up*

Garrett said...

It was truly amazing! I know I will have my Nordhavn 62 someday. It's just like everything else, hard work and sacrifice gets it done.

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