Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finale of the Austin Grand Prix

Ahhh the finale of the Austin Grand Prix. My goal for the night was to go 48.5 or so. My plan was to be out at the 50 at about 23.2 or better. Warm-up felt pretty good. I just wanted to get in there and race and was excited for the event to start.

The first 50 I felt like I was working pretty hard to get out at the speed I had planned on. My hands felt pretty choppy on the entry at the front of my stroke. I ended up being out at 23.5. I saw Fred Bousquet a bit ahead of me at the 50. I was focused on holding my perfect stroke and blasting my legs the last 25 meters. I ended up going 48.88. Obviously this is a little slower than I had wanted but it is still a good time and especially for this part of the season.

I'll be back in the weight-room Monday afternoon working on getting stronger and preparing for this summer! Thanks for following the blog this weekend and for however long you've been reading. I really appreciate all the support ya'll having given me. Rememeber if you'd like to show your support in a tangible way check out my t-shirts that are currently on sale at my website for $


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