Thursday, March 5, 2009

Givin' Some Love

Tonight I had a pretty successful race in the 50 meter freestyle. I had a relaxing afternoon which included a good thirty minute stretch, a great lunch, I put my legs up for about fifteen minutes, and took a nap. When I woke up from my nap a new Speedo LZR suit had arrived at my doorstep. Before the race tonight Matt Lowe and I were putting our suits on in the locker-room and he told me I had to give this new suit some love so it would take care of me....
I felt pretty good in warm-up. I know at this point of the season I still need a good deal of warm-up to get my body ready to go before I race. Since this is a swimming blog I want to inform you about some of my techniques...generally the more rest I get the less warm-up my body requires. The minimum I would probably do at a meet would be around 1200 yards or so. I never count or keep track of my warm-up. I swim until I feel good and get out. Time also doesn't matter to me. I could warm-up for 25 minutes or 50 all depends upon the day.

I got up on the block for the 50 and was ready to race. I was looking forward to having a good swim and doing something productive. My goal going into the meet was to go 22.2 or better. I ended up going 22.17 and placing fourth. I'm happy with that result and can move on knowing I was successful in doing what I set out to do. Eddie told me this is the best I've looked at this stage of the game...meaning without much rest. It's so unbelievable to have the utmost confidence coming from my makes me literally believe I can do anything! Now I just need to get some rest and prepare for the 200 tomorrow.

On a side note I saw some spectators wearing my t-shirts in the stands tonight. It was incredibly cool to see fans supporting me like that and sporting my motto, "Train Hard, Eat Right, Swim Fast." We are currently having a promo sale of the t-shirts on my website. They are $12.99! Go buy a shirt:)


LUCY said...

The guys and I were in the stands tonite by the starting blocks..and we were wearing the GWG "T" We also got some nice pics of you before the race. Good Luck tomorrow! We will be there cheering for you again!!!

J said...

Awesome, this blog was a good end of the day excitment! Rock on with the 200, and keep on with your "Vision Quest"!

Isa said...

Good luck with the 200!!

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