Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Randomness

Some interesting things have happened here in San Diego lately.

Last Saturday night I went to a big bbq with a bunch of guys who are currently in training to become Navy SEALs. I befriended one of them when we were on the base last Wednesday and he invited me to a party they had at one of their houses. It was awesome to hang out with them again. I'm so intrigued by what they do and how they train. In all honesty I wish I had 30 lives. I would do so many different things. I would totally become a SEAL in one of them. I think we talked about the SEALS probably 85% of the time. The only thing that is discouraging about hanging out with these guys is that you soon realize that the caliber and intensity of your stories is very low...it's like me being a miniature horse and these guys are Barbaro...pathetic. I mean I can tell you what it's like to train hard and be tired...these guys can tell you what it's like to jump out of a plane from only 1200 feet and get your chute tangled or getting sprayed with CX4 gas that literally makes you believe you are dying. Lets get real...we all know what sounds more amazing.

On a different note...training is going very bad. My triceps are killing me. I can barely train due to the extreme pain in the back of my elbows. Last night I tried to train. I sometimes push myself further than I should. Eddie has taught me to always be looking to test myself and push the envelope. At the end of my set last night I had to get out because I could barely move my arm it was in so much pain. The pain was shooting up from my elbow into my shoulder. Unfortunately the pain didn't go away when I got out of the water. It continued for another 45 minutes. I seriously wanted to cry...I restrained. Immediately after getting out of the water I called Eddie. I explained my frustration. He has been my coach for six years and understands me better than most. The thing that frustrates me the most is that this keeps me from working like I want to work and know I need to work. Imagine climbing a mountain and spraining your ankle...all you want to do is get to the top of that mountain and you realize that the injury keeps you from getting where you want to go...annoying right?!? Eddie told me maybe this is a blessing in disguise. He told me to work my kick like crazy and get it better. This will give me an opportunity to work on my biggest, best, most lethal weapon even more than I normally would. I plan on making my legs into beautious, well oiled, slaying machines!!! I know my elbows will get better...it will just take some time.

Finally, I have unbelievably vivid and detailed dreams. My roomate in Texas is always shocked at how much of my dreams I remember and what they consist of. Last night I had a dream that Eamon Sullivan, the Australian sprinter, went 40.9 in the 100 meter freestyle. I was in utter disbelief. I just thought to myself...I better get to work!


Nicole said...

I always hate it when you compare your life to those you know and realize that even though you think your life is cool theirs is way cooler. But I have to say being an Olympic gold medalist is WAY cooler than being in the navy. At least by my standards. I can't stand when something gets in the way of where you want to be. Once again I can't really compare my life to yours but sometimes all I want to do is jump rope and as soon as I have done ten my heads starts pounding and I can't even tell what I am doing. It gets so annoying. Lastly I have very vivid dreams, all kinds of them. I have had numerous dreams involving me saving people from wars, me being chased through my house, and also some really strange ones that take forever to explain. Dreams fascinate me.

Christina said...

Here in the Netherlands we say: "The neighbours' grass is always greener." It always seems that the life of others is better than yours. In reality.... it isn't.
Take it easy on your arms and shoulders.
About the dreams...fascinating how vivid they sometimes can be. I often have a sort of déja vu experience.
For now; work on those legs...

Take care.
gr. Christina

bmccurdy said...


I feel as if I could have written that second paragraph. I have been fighting a long standing shoulder issue that started to become an issue shortly after the clearwater meet.
So i did as much practice as i could and when it got to bad i would kick some times a whole two and a half hour practice.
Now on Friday I am having surgery on my shoulder to shave off some bone from my clavicle so I can begin to train again. 10 days out of the water for the stiches and then its back at it.
I feel like there arent a lot of times where you can really say " I know how you feel" but we are both on the exact same page right now.

thanks for the post it made me feel a little more reasured that this surgery isnt going to stop my dream.

by the way you signed a paper copy of a gold medal at the clewater meet, I have it in my swim log and i see it everyday, it really keeps me motovated.

Owen said...

"beautious, well oiled, slaying machines"

I'm happy I found your blog man.

Hillary Anne said...

Look, at least you've never gone up to someone and tried to finish a conversation with them only to realize halfway through that you don't actually know that person. It had all happened in your dream. Or gotten really upset when you couldn't find that awesome book you were reading, only to remember that the last place you had been reading the book was in your dream. I'm still kind of mad about the book.

And don't feel bad about the comparisons. Everyone can't do the same thing. Some people have to go rescue the hostages with a Bowie knife clenched between their teeth, and other people have to be really good swimmers and write articulate blogs.

Donna Binkholder said...

This is definitely some randomness. Aren't dreams wonderful. You better get to work..lol...Speaking of dreams I had a dream that a got to swim with you, Michael Phelps, and Ian Crocker and I didn't really know much of what I was doing and I was like I think I am making a fool of myself and you guys reassured me that I wasn't and you guys make fools of yourselves too and so I swam with you guys and also made the Olympic team..that's all I remember..very random...lol...

Garrett said...

haha Olympic gold medals are pretty cool:)

Keep working on your kick...I hope your shoulder gets better

Wow that is an incredible dream...I'm glad you were excited!

Donna Binkholder said...

Oh yes it was incredible and I wish that it was actually real...I was sad it wasn't...but if it were real I'd probably have a slight heart attack because I'd be swimming with amazing people and all people I look up too.

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