Sunday, April 26, 2009

Casa de Luz

There is a great restaurant in Austin called Casa de Luz. This must be the most healthy meal in all of Austin. The concept of the place is organic, vegan, and macrobiotic. The food is really tasty and is mentally soothing because you know your body is getting the nutrition it needs.

Here's what you can expect at Casa de Luz:
Soup (self-serve)
Grain (example: short grain brown rice)
Vegetables (example: broccoli stir fry)
Beans (example: lentils, black beans)
Greens (example: kale, mustard greens)
Salt Pickle (example: red sauerkraut)
Salad (self-serve)

If you would like to learn more about what a macrobiotic diet consists of you can click here

I do not follow this diet but do enjoy going to this restaurant to eat. If you are in Austin or ever pass through here and are looking for something healthy and good you definitely need to check this place out!


J said...

Muy Bien Muy Bien! Casa De Luz which translates to the House of Light! Great name for a restaurant...sounds like a great place to check out for a visit! As the same proclaimed "health eater" of the family! Love the blog!

anni Ü said...

Sounds very yummy!! I will definately have to try that when I am in Austin for the UT swim camp this summer.

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