Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New York...Old Work

I arrived in New York City this morning. I have some business to take care of tomorrow during the day and will be attending the ceremony for the Sullivan Award tomorrow night at the New York Athletic Club.

My Uncle who lives in Florida was in the city today and I got a chance to get together with him and my sister for lunch. It was great!

This afternoon I went to the New York Athletic Club and worked out. I lifted weights for a while and then went to swim. I really didn't like being in the water. I'm not quite sure if I really didn't like swimming laps or if I would rather have been doing other things. New York has soooooo much to offer. I couldn't wait to get done with my workout and get on with the day.

Although I didn't want to be in the water, I felt really satisfied with the work I did. It's one of those things you're happy about after you do it. Gotta keep bustin' my butt.


Donna Binkholder said...

I think everyone has those little moments where it's kinda weird being in the water...you want to be able to do other things, but at the same time you are obligated to do what needs to be done and you have high expectations that need to be met...I think it's more like prioritizing more than anything really...but it's tough to find time and do things for you rather than on some else's schedule. It's same ole same ole and I think if it were changed up a bit then it wouldn't have made a difference.

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