Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shooting with a Navy SEAL

Last Friday night I had a really cool opportunity. A Navy SEAL named Darek was in town on some business. I met him briefly when I was in San Diego and so did Aaron Peirsol. Darek stayed with Aaron for a night and hung out with us in Austin. Eric Shanteau, Aaron and I went to dinner with Darek on Friday. After dinner we were talking about what to do and one of us came up with the idea to go to the gun range. I am not very into guns but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. My experience with guns is very minimal. I've shot a shotgun on one occasion...that's it. We rented an M4 assualt rifle and a Sig pistol. Both guns are used by the Navy SEALs. Darek showed us all how to shoot properly. Who better to learn from than a master of special warfare?!? This guy is probably one of the most skilled shooters in the entire world. It was awesome. The emotion of shooting these guns was unreal. I was on a high. For never having shot a handgun or a rifle of any kind, especially not an assault rifle, I was actually a pretty good shot. We were all pretty excited as you can see at the top!

The following are some pics from the event!

The diamond at the top right is mine...M4 below.



Donna Binkholder said...

That's soooo awesome!!! Me, I shot guns for sport and go compete at it...this is a pretty cool experience for you. I'd love to shot guns with a Navy SEAL any day. Glad you had fun and the pics are sweet you look like a bada** in them and the others do too.Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

very very cool!! you shot guns... with YOUR guns... hahaha glad you guys had fun

Unknown said...

What range did you guys to to?

Owen said...

You live such an exciting life! Thats cool you were able hook back up with the navy seal guy to shoot! I have no more experience with guns than being in boy scouts back in the day gave me. HAha.

Melanie L said...

I was disburbed by viewing these pictures, given the current news stories about fatal shootings in our nation - mass killings in Binghamton, NY, and a mother killing herself and her son at a gun range. I'm not saying that taking target practice is wrong, but I found the timing of this posting to be unfortunate.

Garrett said...

It was truly a unique experience.

We went to Big Red's

Mrs. L: I'm sorry you were disturbed by this post. Let me assure you that guns are not part of my life at all. I am a very patriotic person and wanted to fully embrace my experience with Darek, the Navy Seal. I do realize guns are very dangerous and are at the heart of a lot of conflict. Please try to look at this as simply a unique and very rare opportunity that presented itself to me. Thanks

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